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Wonderful Journey

May I please Brag just a minute about my wonderful son Journey?

We woke up from camping at the river Sunday and took a beautiful few mile walk around the river and alfalfa fields. Drove 30 mins. to town for lots of shopping for the day. Spent 2 hrs. at a big crowded non-air conditioned craft/gemstone supply store w/aisles less than half the width of a normal store, Journey was exceptionally perfect. Some people wanted to pet him, others a bit intimidated by his 110# size, he silently walked by lightly grazing them w/his winter coat, dispelling any fears they may have. At times, he laid down patiently waiting while I was looking at “stuff”. Two ladies petted him, took pix, and went on. We met them again and they advised they felt Journey’s calm peaceful presence, long before they saw him in the store. Waiting in the cramped crowded check-out line, he just sat there like I expect him to, making me even prouder that I’m his mom and he’s my wonderful son. I was the claustrophobic one wanting to exit ASAP! Ordered take-out. While waiting, Journey and I walked the local neighborhood. 3 houses down, runs a dog into the street 10’ feet away from us barking, tail up…Journey’s hackles went up (he looks really big then!) and the dog kept barking. Journey never lunged, growled, or showed his teeth. I said, “let’s go”, thinking if that dog is stupid enough to come up to us, we’ll deal w/it then and we walked on. The dog shut-up and went home. Of course, he gets all the dogs in the neighborhood barking as we walk by, but so enjoys his sniff time. Journey is such a wonderful pleasure and I’m just so very blessed and happy he’s my awesome son!

I can’t forget, nor can he, ALL of the wonderful people and pets he has met through the years, and how you and they have all helped him become the wonderful gentleman he is today. THANK YOU to everyone he has met in the past and those he has yet to meet. Your gentle kindness and loving hearts have helped create this truly awesome majestic gentleman that I am so very proud to be co-owned by. Hugs, Howls, & Many Thanks to all of you!